homemade valentine cards

Valentine cards
Valentine card

homemade valentine cards

If you want to present the special person in your life with something that he or she will always keep and cherish, consider creating your own unique handmade Valentine's Day cards this year. The materials that you will need for this can easily be found in any arts and crafts retail store. For those who need a little creative guidance, patterns for handmade Valentine's Day cards can also be purchased at craft stores. There are even computer programs available these days for the creation of unique and personalized cards for all occasions.


Some of the supplies that you will need for this project include blank greeting cards, colored construction or scrap-booking paper, paper, paper lace, paint pens, colored ribbons, glitter, acrylic paint, colored markers, and crafts scissors. You can also buy various stickers which can be used to further personalize your handmade Valentine cards. Part of the fun of doing this is going into your local crafts store and letting your imagination roam while you choose the supplies that you'll use for this project. And don't let yourself be limited to what can be found in crafts stores. Pressed flowers and leaves can be used, old photographs, saved ticket stubs to a past event that has special significance to you and your partner, and and even newspaper clippings of marriage or engagement announcements.



printable Valentine cards

Printable Valentine cards

free printable Valentines Day cards



Handmade Valentine's Day cards also make an excellent family project. Not only will you be fostering the creativity of your children by helping them create their own cards, but what grandparent wouldn't treasure a card made especially for them by their grandson or granddaughter. One of the cutest Valentine card ideas is one that uses the child's thumbprints to create a heart. This is very simple to make and involves only a minimal amount of supplies. To make this, you will colored construction paper, a colored marker, red acrylic paint, and a white paint pen. Then you simply fold the piece of construction paper in half and press down for a strong crease. Next, have the child dip his or her thumb in the red acrylic paint and press it on the construction paper at a sight angle. Repeat the process pressing down the thumb at the opposite angle. After the thumbprints have dried, use a colored pen to write a personalized Valentine's Day message on the front of the card. Use the white paint pen to add a pair of eyes to the little heart and another marker to add hands and feet and even ears and curls. Don't forget to fill in the rest of the face with a big smile.


As much fun as it is to create personalized Valentine's Day cards, it's amazing that anyone buys them at all.





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